Serket's Tomb


Game Designer : Cyrille Alvergnat

Game Developer : Volodia "VoLo" Panak / Henri Patrier

Graphic Designer 3D : Florian Jesuha

Graphic Designer 2D : Cyrille Alvergnat

Sound Designer : Henri Patrier

Serket's tomb is a Casual multiplayer-only game where a team of 4 robots must find 4 relics in a ancient alien temple guarded by a mechanical scorpion, played by a fifth player on a different screen.

Each team is invisible to the other one except when they get close to each other or when the robots scan the ground to find the relics.

This game was made on Unity for Windows PC in 4 month for our 2nd semester project of 2nd year at ICAN

Download link : 

Design document : download