Runic Stone


Game Designer : Clément Pierrard / Tom Weiss

Game Developer : Paul Demars / Volodia “VoLo” Panak

Graphic Designer 3D : Hugo Tubiana / Clément Pierrard

Graphic Designer 2D : Gabrielle Cluzeau

Sound Designer : Hugo Tubiana

UX Designer : Volodia “VoLo” Panak

Runic stone is a 3D Puzzle Game. Solve multiple puzzles by bringing the Runic Stone to the exit in the fewest moves possible.
This project had a big focus on Accessibility, with the use of a color alphabet in addition of to the colored blocks, a dyslexic friendly font and other features.

This game was made on Unity for Windows PC and Android Phones in 3 month for our Graduation project at ICAN

Download link : download

Design document : download