Gabrielle Cluzeau


About me

Name : Gabrielle « Gaby » Cluzeau

Birthday : 27th June 1997
Hobby : Cosplay, Badminton (competition), Japanese culture, Scoutism, Musicals, Theater.

One of my main strengh is that when I get asigned a work, I will do everything I can to finish it perfectly (as application is one of my best qualities).
It might sounds kind of « classic », but I really like to put a personnal reference in every realisation I do, so I make sure to do my best and to put a little bit more of myself into it (so my art gets meaning whether theme it’s given).
My joy to be on a stage or a court and perform in front of people is what gives me the strengh to do art that will make people smile or make them feel implicated with it.

Resume : download


3D work