Game Designer : Volodia "VoLo" Panak / Henri Patrier

Game Developer : Volodia "VoLo" Panak / Henri Patrier

Graphic Designer 3D : Florian Jesuha

Graphic Designer 2D : Cyrille Alvergnat

Sound Designer : Volodia "VoLo" Panak

CyberBall is a mix between space invader, breakout, and a pinball machine. Defeat wave after wave of invading ship to rack up points and beat your friends high score

We took inspiration from the cyberpunk movement and from movies like TRON  in order to give the game a clean but dark feel akin to the synthwave music genre.

controls : q left bumper left arrow right bumper f start

This game was developed in 5 days on Unity for Windows PC

Download Link  : download