11:49 Columbine


Game designer : Volodia "VoLo" Panak

Graphism : Nicolas Systermans

Game Developer : Lucas Fournier

Level Designer : Thomas Saenz

Sound Designer : Clément Pierrard

11:49 Columbine is a Tactical RPG about the Columbine massacre of 1998 where you replay it from the killers' point of view.

the sound design has all been made in house and we tried to recreate the anxiousness and cold horror of this shooting through the screams, the loud gunshots and the heavy score.
The aim of this game is to make people think and talk about the horror and the banality of school shooting.


first version has been made in 3 days on Game maker studio.
Upgrade on Unity Engine is planned for May-June 2017

download link : download