Child's room


Artist : Gabrielle "Gaby" Cluzeau

Original Creation

These 3D objects were made for a school’s work : we had to create a Unity scene (including several exercises) with some different animations. With my partner, who is none other that VoLo , we decided to make an all-in-one scene with all of what was asked to us, to make it easier to pick a theme and make a more coherent scene. Because we settled on making a robot toy for the first exercice, we decided to make a child’s room.  



We had to do a « character » that should be moved with the keyboard. We settle on a robot toy because it fitted well several of the instructions, and because it could give us the opportunity to add some thing in the scene that were not necessarely asked but made the child room more « enjoyable ».


Wooden Clock

This object is the one that fits less the child room’s theme, but is maybe the most realistic one. I took inspiration from one of the clock in my house, and this is actually an almost exact copy of it (to add a more personnal touch in this work, because the clock is an inheritance).


Boo's Door

Here is another REAL childhood reference : I used to watch a lot Monsters inc when i was a child, and it was a perfect match for our room. It was not only a perfect child’s door, but it allowed us to add a « teleport » dimention into our work   )


I chose to make a Pingu toy, because first it’s a real reference from my childhood, and because a doll/fig would fit easily in a child’s room.